Wednesday, October 29, 2014


The Old Adobe Mission, Scottsdale, Arizona

   The Old Adobe Mission is kicking off it's 2014 Renovation Campaign with a goal of $300,000. 

   Funds raised from this campaign will complete planned restorations that include the demolition of an existing, outdated structure that is presently tied to the back of the mission and the construction of a 1,200-square foot addition to this historic landmark, which is Our Lady of Perpetual Help's original worship space.

   The new addition will be designed to include a historical gallery for the community, complete with drawings, photographs, maps, deeds, books and artifacts, plus additional space for storage, two ADA-compliant restrooms, a meeting room and a kitchen that will allow the Mission to host more gatherings and events while continuing to showcase its history and relevance to our community. 

   Together we can complete the renovations needed to build and maintain this parish and Scottsdale legacy!  Fund raising brochures entitled "Building a Legacy" are available at the Parish Life Center and at the Mission.  The brochures come with a return envelope for your convenience.  

   Speak with any of our wonderful docents who will provide you with further information.

Thank you!  

Make your gift today!

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